Indoor and Outdoor Design Ideas

Indoor and Outdoor Design Ideas

Selection of colors in the Interior

Color in the interior is very important nuance. And it doesn’t matter. if you choose Book Tour: Exotic Taste — Orientalist Interiors or classic. So, there are no 17 Things Color Consultants Want You to Know, but still good recommendation.

Different colors and color combinations are differently perceived by humans, cause a wide variety of associations, feelings: can create cheerful mood or irritate, raise or lower the efficiency. Color can affect our sense of space, its visual perception. The same premises depending on the coloring may appear larger or smaller, higher or lower, longer or shorter, lighter or darker.

Skillfully using properties of color, correctly choosing the color scheme, you can make your home truly beautiful. But how to choose from the abundance of colors and paints it is those that will help to create artistically integral and harmonious in color of walls, furniture, decorative and upholstery fabrics, carpets?

Color combinations can be very much, but they may not always be beautiful and pleasing to the eye. The most common combination of colors: a simple combination of complementary colors, a complex combination of complementary colors and, finally, the combination of three colors.

Mixing of cultures in Orientalist Interiors

Oriental style, mysterious and incredibly thin, not for nothing that enjoys increasing popularity among interior designers. This style has become a kind of counterweight to the everyday hectic, saving an island in the sea of the bustling metropolis. So use Book Tour: Exotic Taste — Orientalist Interiors.

East, or Asia, style, known for clean lines and bold colors, brings into our lives with confidence and calmness, characteristic of Eastern culture. Introducing Eastern dominant in home decor, do not use colors. If you choose this style, then stick to it at all, down to the smallest elements, which, by the way, in many ways and set tonality. You may also Selection of colors in the Interior.

Oriental style incorporates the best features of the cultures of several countries — India, China, Japan, Vietnam and some other. Conventionally it is divided into Arab and Asian. For the Arabic style is characterized by the absence of monotonous, repetitive elements, straight lines and smooth surfaces. Its main components — the bright colors, vaulted ceilings, lace and thread required, and the play of light. Great attention is paid to the tissues they drape wall is trimmed pillows, use as heavy curtains. Ideal furniture of this style are considered heavy wooden objects, preferably a decorated with carving.

Interior color: Chartreuse

Another color in design is Chartreuse that we get by mixing green and yellow colors. The proportions of these colors will depend on the shade of Chartreuse, named after the famous liqueur.

This color is often referred to as “Green Apple” or “lime”. Lime is brighter and juicier, more suitable for bright accents in the Interior. Green Apple-more calm tone that can also be used as a background clearance and for large surfaces. So, let’s Dip Into Chartreuse for Intoxicating Interiors!

Chartreuse color, in other words-it’s fifty percent of green and yellow by fifty percent. Accordingly, there are two types of Chartreuse: Green Chartreuse and yellow Chartreuse, in both cases, this color is classified as the most visible and soothing at the same time. You can use it with Mixing of cultures in Orientalist Interiors.

Designers are categorically advised to use color for small areas and connecting it with the warm shades of colors-reddish, Brown. With Dark Green Chartreuse also brilliantly shows its advantages: liven up dreary room, give a seductive accent, but you should never combine it with vibrant shades of colors. If the main background of the cream color or muted Brown, tempting and even unusual will look in the room the color Chartreuse Chair, shelf, another small object. A good idea is to frame the color Chartreuse for a mirror or picture.

Tropical style in the interior

Tropical interior design style is most often used in the southern hotels and salons offering SPA treatments. But if you, coming home, want to dive into the relaxing world of tropics and feel the salt spray of the ocean for a moment, feel free to create such Palm Trees Take Interiors on a Tropical Vacation. How to start building a tropical style in the apartment?

Let’s start with the colors of the room. In order to create a world of the tropics in the House, you must carefully choose the color to the Interior. It is best to cope with the challenge of the kind, not obsessive colors: blue, Orange, yellow or green. Natural wood are also welcomed.

Tropical style starts with furniture. Use such Interior color: Chartreuse. Wicker bamboo furniture, rattan or Willow is an excellent complement to the tropical style. It gives the room a cozy and appeasement. And should not be limited to chairs, because Wicker can be and pedestals, and sofas, and dining room tables and dressers. In addition to Wicker, you can use a coarse wooden or bamboo furniture that has the appearance of a rough hand-made from materials at hand. The upholstered furniture is used as leather and fabric upholstery, but it should be plain and featureless.

Make a room cozy with rustic style

“Worn down”, “rude”, “poor” is not these words come to mind when we think of modern kitchens. While the bright white cabinets, polished nickel fixtures and beautiful marble countertops-trends in modern cuisine kitchen-rural style will provide comfort on cold nights. This style also will describe the word “worn down”, “covered with patina”, “antique”, “home” and “recycled”. Take a look; you might want to try these ideas that will make your kitchen cozy.

  1. Look for unusual items. Standard equipment of black and white or stainless steel can deprive your kitchen rustic charm. Today there is a wide range of colors that will not detract from the atmosphere. Use Design Elements: Beautiful Reclaimed Wood. And take ideas from Golden Globes: Tropical style in the interior.
  2. Light the fire! The number one item that can make the kitchen cozy is fireplace. However, to add a fireplace to make major repairs, while wood-burning stoves and fireplaces do not require special intervention.
  3. Pay attention to the architecture. The brick arch, a wall of stone and wooden ceiling work together to give this European country style kitchen. Sculpture of a bull’s head was found in an old French butcher’s shop.
  4. For inspiration, visit the antique shop. The combination of cabinets table tops made from Maple, worn-out farm backgrounds, metal chandelier and sinks from stone reminds me of a holiday on a farm at Grandma’s.

Choose color with The Grand Budapest Hotel

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” – it is not a movie at all but a true picture, full of small, but nice looking components, special colors and perfect symmetry. This Visual deliciously, Marzipan in life-size that and wants to lick.

The main feature of the “Hotel” (as well as other films by Wes Anderson) is it color palette. So, let’s see Golden Globes: 6 Design Ideas From ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ on Design Calendar: Feb. 17-March 9, 2012.Make a room cozy with rustic style.

Not trying to mimic the old movie soundtracks and not trying to make under the pre-war color photo Chronicles. Anderson easily creates your world, like shooting a movie in Instagram, placing all filters at once.

If color of madness rather peasants to the eye, the attention to detail sometimes scares.

The picture in the “Hotel” slowly drifting between contrasting pink and green colors, whereas Hollywood Wizard action try to create tension between yellow and blue.

Anderson’s world is melted in a rich, warm colors and shades. Wood, leather and even snow are so magically-toy that consciousness refuses to accept what’s happening on the screen like a movie, rather than a cartoon.

If color madness Anderson rather pleasant to the eye, the attention to detail in the shot, sometimes even frightening. The world of “Hotel” was created by-a perfectionist with a manic precision creates every detail.

Venetian style in interior

As you know, Choose color with The Grand Budapest Hotel. So, Venetian style is a striking blend of different cultures and historical eras in the Interior. Style, which has left its imprint itself of Venice, with its unique architecture, embodies the elegant luxury and nobility of classical lines, the elegance of shapes and openwork lightness, the Majesty of proportion and harmony.

A characteristic feature of the Venetian is a wide color palette. Rich complex combinations of gamma gives specificity and depth of Venetian life, with its volatility and water theme. Yellow with shades of milky-white with silver shimmer to a Sun-yellow and dark red and gold are the colours of Southern Sun. With a good wine, you can compare the shades of red, from rich pink and Crimson to juicy cherry-magenta. Many shades of green and blue colors in the palette combines the sophistication of Venetian style.

It is not simple style, so you’d better to depart the whole process in smaller parts. For example, make such Design Calendar: Feb. 17-March 9, 2012 – you choose furniture, and a week after – lights.

The interiors are distinguished by graceful arches and cupola frescoed vaults in gilt, slightly twisted columns, semicircular niche and narrow window openings. Multicolored stained-glass Windows and today are not uncommon.

Hall design: best Interior ideas for apartments

Or, as they say, the living room is the real face of the apartment or House. Here gather friends in cozy and warm company here after a hard day’s work is the whole family, to talk and relax. Therefore, the main task of the interior design of this essential premise is a comfortable and cozy sitting area. Remember: Designs for Living Every Room Tells a Story.

The output from the above one: carefully selected interior design Hall must combine the preferences of all tenants and include your own place for each of them.

Design of the hall, which is located in a private house, seriously different from its apartment variations. It is safe to say that this design is primarily focused on the House itself, rather than on the current fashion trends.

It is no secret the construction of the Hall landlords only. It is important when developing such a design to remember these rules:

– room should be comfortable for all family members;

– the room should be oriented towards the interests of each Member of the family;

– number of places the furniture, and free space should be in a ratio of 50: 50;

– don’t forget to Venetian style in interior.

As mentioned above, all the interests of each Member of the family should be followed in planning.

Spots of light and shadow in interior decoration

This form has a brightness value in artistic interpretation of the surface on which the spot light, and the entire interior only if its relationship with the nearby brightness of not less than 1: 3. Otherwise the surface is either not read or place occupied by spot, seems only slightly lighter background. So it is very important to explore the Art of Light and Dark in Design. If

Spot light can be formed by different kinds of light. Hall design: best Interior ideas for apartments. Directional light creates a stain with sharply reduced margins, their own shadows on the subject in this spot are falling very deeply, and their value depends on the direction of the light. Diffuse light creates a completely different spot: edges of it very much blurred, their own shadows are also not available, falling slightly and edges are also very blurred, so that the shadows are not captured.

Regardless of the origin of the spots of light, their properties are of great importance for perception of the architectural solution. First, protecting the surface facilities and in general all items dropped big spots of light seem to have betrayed his place that violates the architectural design of buildings, often quite “changing not only its static scheme and layout.

Especially important for the perception of the Interior are large light spots. They even at one of the enclosing surface area “breaks down” her, It ceases to seem smooth, visually changes its location.

10 “NO” in design

This article we will look at the common mistakes that people make, starting in his second home repair or a city apartment on your own or with the help of an interior designer. Spots of light and shadow in interior decoration:

  1. Leave the apartment plan such as it is. I.e. not do alterations.
  2. Why such a thick dividing wall is obtained in bathroom?
  3. Furniture set along the walls! Why do we still, as was taken in the former USSR, arrange furniture along the walls? You can put a sofa, for example, in the middle of the room and make a completely different composition.
  4. Cabinets put more! In the design of Interior, you have to get rid of cabinets to the Max.
  5. The chandelier hanging in the middle of the room! Why?
  6. Why are many outlets? Here are four pieces in a room at the corners and normal. If that is a switchboard extension cords! This is not right.
  7. Custom furniture is expensive, especially wood for good modern design! But maybe you don’t have ordered it?
  8. Beige wallpaper. Very often in desktop is using beige color. Open you a secret – there are a lot of other wall finishing materials and colors.
  9. To hire a designer-architect – it is expensive! (Or order interior design project is expensive!).
  10. How to save on repair? Save on builders?! This is the biggest mistake. Imagine the situation: two persons of South Asian countries to hang a chandelier, that is more than their salary for the year and smash it. Question: who will return your money?